11 Jun

what i’m reading now: the fun edition

noun_63245I was going to make a concerted effort to get back into reading fiction this year, but it hasn’t happened. But that doesn’t mean I’m not reading, nor does it mean I’m not reading for pleasure.

So here’s a run down on what I’m reading for fun at the moment, aside from all the #blogjune posts, that is! I’ll cover my professional reading in a later post.


Blogging is *so* not dead.

Everyday, real people fashion blogs

I learned about a lot of really great blogs from my PhD project participants, many of them fashion blogs. Happy days! Here are the ones I read religiously:

  • Styling You is my fav fashion blog, and I also love her beauty posts. I owe Nikki Parkinson for introducing me to brands like Bohemian Traders and for inspiring my 5 minute makeup routine. I pretty much use Nikki’s posts as the source for most of my clothing purchases (along with her daily Instagram #everydaystyle pics) and I love her monthly new beauty products posts.
  • Style & Shenanigans does a mean luxe to less feature and I love her colour of the week posts. Her colour of the week this week is red and the funnel neck jacket in this post is taunting me. Taunting me I say.
  • Sonia Styling is another everyday fashion blogger but she injects some lifestyle content too.

Interior design blogs

  • Apartment Therapy, including a recent obsession with carefully reviewing every one of the 170 entries in the Small Cool contest. I want to move to New York and live in a tiny apartment and make myself a cool tiny space. (Not really.)
  • Emily Henderson just might be the coolest person in the whole world and I love love love her aesthetic.

Lifestyle blogs

  • Brit & Co. for a bit of everything, from craft to fashion to beauty to design.

Sewing blogs

I read a lot of sewing blogs, but these are three of my favourites. It wasn’t easy to keep it to three!

  • Craftiness is Not Optional. Kids’ clothes galore made for and modelled by an adorable brood of little girls. She also sews for herself, but since I’m yet to sew myself any garments, I’ve tended to get more use out of her kids’ clothes posts.
  • Made by Rae. She makes great patterns for kids and women. I’ve only sewn one of her kids patterns – the big butt baby pants – but I’m super keen to try some of her adult patterns.
  • Sew Sweetness is a new find for me. The author just ran a series called Dress Up Party where a whole bunch of great sewing bloggers tested and posted about garment patterns.


News isn’t necessarily fun, but it’s not really work either… My main news source is The Conversation. It’s the one place on the web where I don’t feel like banging my head on my desk when I read the comments (okay, sometimes I still want to slap my hand on my forehead, but it’s more like an urge to give it a moderate tap, rather than slam my head into something hard).


I’ve got just one book on the go at the moment: The life-changing magic of tidying by Marie Kondo. This book has apparently got a cult following and reading it and implementing the systems she proposes is apparently going to fix my life.

So what are you reading?

I’m keen to add some more fodder to my blogroll in particular. I’m looking for more lifestyle, craft and most importantly, interior design. Where are the good Australian interior design blogs? I get a bit sick of seeing products I can’t have <pout> so would love some Australian suggestions.

#blogjune 11/30