23 Jun

my week in stick figures

When you can’t do anything but lie down, and there is nothing on the TV, and you’re a workaholic but you can’t work, you get stuck in a great big pool of lament.

So I made this drawing that describes the week I just had. It is essentially a great, big, woe is me lament.
It was kind of cathartic. Lots of things on this blog have been cathartic, it seems. I left the drawing in Bamboo Paper thinking I’d update it as I got better. But I’m not better and I’m a bit sick of woe-is-me-ism. So I did something productive. I invented an awesome system for marking while lying down. Then I made another drawing about the weekend and my system.

Here’s how the system works.

  1. First I make the criteria sheet a PDF and save it to Dropbox
  2. On my iPad, I send the PDF to Good Reader, where I circle the relevant criteria and write the mark in each section of the table (with a stylus), then I save the PDF back to Dropbox
  3. As I work through the assignment, I record my feedback using Voice Record, then I convert the file to MP3, rename it then save it to Dropbox from within Voice Record

Lucky for me, I’m marking blogs I can view in Safari on my iPad. I’m also marking presentations that are on YouTube or Slideshare or files I have in Dropbox. So all I need is to lie down with a wheat pack under my back, prop my knees up on a pile of pillows, and away I go. This will be really handy for lots of other situations too – travelling, working in cafes, working in waiting rooms. The best part is it works perfectly on my iPad mini, which fits in all my handbags.

So, from shitty back, to workflow win. Shame the shitty back is sticking around, though.

30 posts in June: 18/30

08 Jun

my brand of #blogjune

I’ve had an epiphany. Some days I just do not have any words left when it comes to blog-post-writing-o’clock. Some days I just don’t have the decisiveness to choose a direction for a post to go in and then stick with it. Some days all I can see are the typos and the clunky phrasing and I don’t have the energy to fix it all up.

I’ve got plenty of ideas – and so plenty of posts in draft – but some days I just can’t get them to go from half-baked-draft to fit-for-publishing-post.

This makes sense because right now I’m a week into a month in which I will do little else other than mark assignments. It’s hard to put down the (metaphorical) red pen when it comes to my own writing. Does this post clearly acknowledge and meet the needs of the audience? Is the plan or purpose of the post unclear? Tick. Does it acknowledge alternative viewpoints? Does it provide an exhaustive analysis of all aspects of the topic? [Hyperventilates]

So I’ve decided to modify the #blogjune challenge for myself. Instead of forcing myself to publish something I’m less than happy with every day, instead, I’m going to focus on writing 30 posts in the month. That might end up being a post a day sometimes, but it’s more likely I’ll post in bursts.

I’m blogging this June, but I’m just doing it my way.

30 posts in June: 6/30