23 Jun

is there a baby in there?

My four year old niece and I have some awesome conversations. I have to share this one now before I forget.

Her: How come your tummy is so big? Do you think there might be a baby in there?

Me: No sweetie. It’s just food. Because I really like food.

Her: < thinking hard >

Me: I promise I’ll tell you if I have a baby in my tummy.

Her: < quizzical look >

Me: I *promise* I’ll tell you when there’s a baby in there. Deal?

Her: Ok, deal.

< both go about our business for a few minutes >

Her: Is there a baby in there now?

Me: No, there won’t be for a long time.

< 30 second pause >

Her: Now?

Me: No sweetie. There won’t be for a few years.

< long pause while she contemplates how long a year is >

Me: Like maybe when you’re six or something.

Her: Ok then. Let’s type. < end of baby talk >

(Typing is our favourite thing to do right now.)

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