05 Jun

documenting a week in my life

Recently I’ve become really interested in the idea of documenting life. Well, I guess I’ve always been interested in it, because I’ve always used social media to do it. Not all my social media activity is intentional documenting, but some of it definitely is. For example, I used Instagram a lot to document my day-to-day while I was finishing my PhD because it was such a crazy time in my life and I wanted to remember it (if only to remember that I never, ever want to work like that again!). At other times, I’ve documented unintentionally.

But in the last year or so, I’ve become really interested in scrapbooking. Yes, that’s right. Scrapbooking. It appeals to my crafty side, my interest in design, and my interest in documenting.

I told a friend about this new found interest in scrapbooking and she said what I have definitely thought myself: “That’s so… 1990.” Hahahaha! I’ve had other reactions along the lines of “I thought scrapbooking was for old ladies”…

Anyway, so far I haven’t managed to make an entire page (that’s called a ‘layout’ in scrapbooking language), though I have partially completed both a 12×12 layout (about the twins’ recent birthday) and a multi-page Project Life style layout (about my graduation).

I have, however, managed to spend more money than I will ever admit on paraphernalia (die cutting machine, dies, embossing folders, paper trimmer, stamp sets, acrylic blocks), paper (so much beautiful paper), and embellishments (die cut shapes, stickers, enamel dots). There is a whole industry around this stuff. I also got a reconditioned Olivetti Lettera 22 typewriter for my birthday so that I can type out journaling and stuff for all the layouts I plan to make (one day when I find time).

I have also managed to watch hundreds of hours of YouTube process videos (where people video themselves making layouts) and listened to many commutes’ worth of podcasts on scrapbooking.

When I pick up a new hobby, I really get into it. Even if I don’t have time to actually do the making.

A couple of weeks back I tried to participate in this scrapbooking challenge called Week in the Life. It’s a challenge started by scrapbooking world celeb Ali Edwards where you document a week in your life in great detail through photos and journalling. I did an average job of remembering to take photos, but I waited too long to write down the details and I think I’ve forgotten the little things. So I want to have another crack at it and I thought that seeing I’m blogging every day at the moment, now might be the time to do it.

This week I’m going to blog the details as the days unfold, from Monday to Sunday, and I’ll probably post some of the photos too. Then at the end of the week, I’ll have a week’s worth of photos and notes to scrapbook.

Let’s see if I can actually pull it off! My track record with completing challenges over a number of days is pretty crap, but I’m keen to do this one.

In the mean time, I’m wondering how many other documenters might read this post… Are you a scrapbooker?

#blogjune 4/30