who is kate?

biopicI’m Kate. Kate Davis if we’re going to be formal about it. If we’re going to be friends, then you’ll probably end up knowing me as Katie. I’m also known as Kate Kate (to my niece and nephew and a whole bunch of people who know me as Kate-the-aunty).

There are a lot of people out there who are named Katie Davis. I’ve written about these other Katies elsewhere, but here is what you need to know about me.

I do stuff like teach, research and speak about people, technology, and information, and the intersection between these three things. I am currently completing my doctoral study, in which I’m exploring the nature of new mothers’ information experience in social media. In a previous life, I was a librarian, and I’ve worked in academic, state/national, and public libraries. I’m still connected to the LIS profession – I teach in a librarianship program and I am involved in industry (although I have retreated a little while I finish my PhD). I love what I do for work and that means I don’t have a very definite line between work and personal.

Away from work, I like to sew stuff, cook (and eat) stuff, read stuff, watch stuff, and do stuff with my family. I also used to really like to write stuff (non academic stuff), but I haven’t done much of that for quite a long time.

This blog is about my stuff – but not my work stuff. Or rather, not about my job. It’s about life, and life necessarily includes work. So while you won’t read about my teaching or my research here, you will find posts about workflows and organisation and how to make working at home actually *work*.

If you’re interested in my work stuff, you can follow me on Twitter, subscribe to my teaching and learning blog higheredukate.com, and keep an eye on my professional portfolio site.

Non professional me can be found in many places around the web, including Twitter (@katiedavis), Instagram (@katiedavispics – private, but please do feel free to follow me!), Pinterest (@katiedavispins), and GoodReads (@katiedavisreads) (I know. You are astounded at how creative my account names are.)