22 Jun

5 books i want to read for work

This is a bit of a self-serving post. I’ve currently got quite a few tabs open to remind me about books I want to read for work and I’m trying to clean up my browser, so I thought I’d make a list here for today’s list post.

  1. Human Information Interaction: An Ecological Approach to Information Behavior by Raya Fidel
  2. Social Physics: How Good Ideas Spread – The Lessons from a New Science by Alex Pentland
  3. Not a book, but still a substantial read taken as a whole: First Monday Special Issue: A decade of Web 2.0 – Reflections, critical perspectives, and beyond. Volume 21, Number 6.
  4. Everyday Information Practices: A Social Phenomenological Perspective by Reijo Savolainen (I’ve read most of this before but I read it fast and I was looking for something specific, so I need to give it another read)
  5. Not open in a tab, but in my handbag: Technology as Experience

When I took this job, I thought to myself, ‘I’m going to have so much time for reading. It’s going to be great.’ Hahahaha! Reading, thinking and writing. Probably the three most important contributors to academic career advancement. Probably the three hardest to find time to do.

How do you find time for professional reading?

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