16 Jun

synonyms and wriggling toes

Busy. It’s a word we hear – and say – a lot.

And there are some others, which basically mean the same thing, that I catch myself saying and hear other people say too: Pressed. Stressed. Stretched. Overwhelmed. Under the pump. Overloaded. Time poor. Frantic. Slammed.

Then there are phrases we use to explain why we’re in the state we’re in: It’s a busy time of year. The usual end of semester chaos. I’ve been inundated by marking. My inbox is like a blackhole.

And the hope that things will change: When I finish my PhD… Once we get grades entered… After this paper is written… Once we’re into the swing of semester… When semester is over…

Everybody around me is so busy. Colleagues. Friends. Family. We’re all *insert synonym for busy* here.

As therapy for my foot, I’m supposed to spend a few minutes, several times a day, attempting to scrunch up a tea towel laid on the floor with my toes, and then practice bending my toes up and splaying them. I can’t do anything else while I’m doing this because it takes conscious thought to get my little toes to move. I’m also supposed to spend time with my foot submerged in a container of uncooked rice and move my toes around to retrain my brain about sensation, which involves actively thinking about what I’m doing – i.e. engaging my brain to retrain it. So again, I can’t do anything much else at the same time.

And because I’m *insert synonym for busy here*, I haven’t been doing these things. Partly because amongst all the busyness, I just forget to stop and do them, and partly because when I do think about it, I shrug it off because I can’t do anything else while I’m doing them. It’s not necessarily that I need to be doing something else with the time (though sometimes that is why). It’s also that I’m so used to being go go go that the idea of sitting and doing nothing but think about my foot wriggling around in a container of raw rice seems enormously boring. The effect of being busy all the time is that I don’t really know how to stop and… feel the grains of rice.

And on that note, I think I’ve got a date with some basmati. Sounds a bit like busy, doesn’t it!?

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3 thoughts on “synonyms and wriggling toes

  1. I can relate to not doing therapy. I noticed that I stopped doing my wrist exercises earlier than I probably should have because it was getting really boring to do them. Not that I was really busy but spending 5 minutes moving my wrist and hands back and forward was not an appealing way to spend my time.

  2. Similar situation my way too. I still have exercises to do for my hip replacement recovery. And probably will need to keep them up over any number of years to remind key muscles they need to engage to do simple movements like walking. (Desk work doesn’t help.) Laying on the floor doing glute bridges doesn’t seem like a productive use of time when I could do them and squats and etc etc, in a barre class instead and work out my whole body. But, those exercises are super important. I can’t undo 14 years of habit in 12 months. This is going to take a while.
    I try to trick myself ‘Come on, Alisa. You can do 3 minutes.’ Or, ‘Check Instagram. Or in the same space of time, you could do some exercises.’ Thinking about exercises this way brings some perspective.
    Another thing I do is keep what I need for the exercises within reach. I have a small box of weights and bands, etc in the living room or in my study at home. I really have no excuse then.

    • Yes I have a box of rice sitting on my tv cabinet to prompt me! It’s such a small time commitment, I know. I just lack discipline I think!

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