14 Jun

week in the life: day 7: sunday 12 june

I finally made it to my last day of my week in the life!

8.47am: Got up and checked to see how the laptop was going with reformatting and saw it had 4 hours to go. I made tentative plans to rendezvous with the buyer at a midpoint (Ikea, bad idea on a Sunday!) Then I watched a bit of TV and read some #blogjune posts from other bloggers. I woke up feeling pretty crap still.

img_8204.jpg9.48am: Made some peanut butter toast and ate it while watching a bit of Law and Order. Laptop reformatting had approximately 3 hours to go…

10.49am: Tea time at my desk. Drinking decaff Twinings English Breakfast in my favourite mug. It’s a Whinnie the Pooh mug from my childhood. I really don’t love that it’s Whinnie the Pooh but it’s a really fine porcelain and it’s really nice to drink out of. I’m trying to cut back on caffeine but I’m not doing well with it. I had to quit caffeine last year because my heart rate was really high and it made a big difference, but I’ve slipped back into my old ways. I do feel a lot better in general when I’m not having it. I was working on admin and responding to questions about marking.img_8206.jpg

1.01pm: I really want to read this book called Social Physics, which my boss told me about. I thought I’d see if I could get an audiobook version so I had a look around and saw that audiobooks.com had it. So I signed up, installed the app, and then went to download the book only to discover it’s not available in my region. So frustrating! I cancelled my subscription straightaway and deleted the app. I really need to be able to make use of my commute time for reading and I’m so frustrated that I can’t get the content I want, even though it exists.

1.30pm: The laptop finished erasing itself so we packed up and hit the road to meet the friend who was buying the laptop. I also took my old iPhone 6 with me for her to give to another friend who was buying that. I dropped my iPhone 6 and broke the screen a couple of months ago. I worked out that factoring in cost of screen repair, paying out my existing contract, and selling my cracked iPhone 6, it would only cost $200 extra to upgrade to an iPhone 6s Plus. So I did it and I love it! Anyway, I digress.

2.14pm: Arrived at the rendezvous point and cleverly decided to meet in the shopping centre next to Ikea instead of Ikea itself. Smart move I think, because the car park was a disaster zone. I went into Spotlight to get some modelling paste and gesso, because I wanted to do an index card a day (#ICAD) challenge in the coming week, but they didn’t have any modelling paste so I abandoned that plan. I bought some enamel shapes for scrapbooking because they were super cheap and I love enamel shapes, plus a soap holder for the kitchen. We also looked at very expensive rubbish bins to put under the kitchen sink but didn’t buy one because we’re indecisive. Then we headed home but stopped for a frozen Coke (me) and ice cream (mum).

img_8209.jpg5.26pm: I set up my planner / to do list for this week. This means stamping days and dates onto a Midori Traveler’s Notebook grid insert. More on my system in a later post, but basically I use a modified form of bullet journalling, so my next step after drawing my weekly spread up is to migrate items from last week. In this process, I try to smash out as many of the items I haven’t done as I possibly can. This was extra important this week because I’ve got several big deadlines in the next two weeks and I needed to clear the decks. I followed up on a heap of meeting actions and other admin while I watched TV. We finished watching the latest season of SVU and then went back to watching Vampire Diaries.

I’m not sure what time I went to bed – I forgot to make a note. But I know it was pretty late by the time I put my phone down.

And that’s it for my week in the life!

Feeling: glad I did this challenge but also a little relieved it’s done. Excited about actually scrapbooking it, if I find the time…

Reflecting: on how hard it is to accurately track your life for a week, how easy it is to forget to take photos, and how boring my days probably seem to someone looking in from the outside. Email, meetings, email, TV, YouTube. That’s pretty much how it goes! In fact, the twins know in theory that I’m a teacher but if you ask them what I do for work they’ll tell you I do meetings and email (and they’ll also tell you I don’t need an office because my office is everywhere – they’re used to seeing my work in the car, at the park, on the lounge, in my home office, in bed… wherever we are!)

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2 thoughts on “week in the life: day 7: sunday 12 june

  1. You can pick up Mont Marte gesso and modelling paste at most discount stores – I buy a lot of their stuff, and it’s quite good quality considering that it’s at the lower end of the price range for art supplies. Having said that, index cards don’t need to be fancy – I don’t use gesso on mine, just whatever I have to hand.

    Well done on recording your week in such detail, I think I would be embarrassed about the amount of faff in my life (loved your thoughts on intentional doing and not doing).

    • Ooooh! Thanks for the tip! I’m off to investigate this weekend!

      I haven’t really played with media like gesso and paint since school so it’s more about the play factor for me rather than making pretty cards. I just wanna get my hands a bit dirty!

      And don’t worry, there’s shit loads of faff in my life too! It’s just hidden amongst the email 😉

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