13 Jun

week in the life: day 6: saturday 11 june

This was a bit of an unusual Saturday for me. I work more weekends than I take off. At the moment the ratio is probably about three weekends on to one weekend off. The kids aren’t with us every second Sunday so I always plan to work that day, and I try to take the Saturday off the weekend they’re not with us on Sunday. This was one of those weekends, but unfortunately I did have to work Saturday. But it was a bits and pieces kind of day because I wasn’t feeling well, so I feel like I lost a lot of time to brain fog. Normally I try to be really intentional with my time: I’m either working, or not working. I’m not into faffing or working unproductively. I either want to be stuck into it or not working at all. So this day was less than ideal because I was feeling rough and just wasn’t switched on. I should have just taken the day off but couldn’t really afford to do it. Anyway, on with the post!

Oh, and all my photos from Saturday had kids in them, so no pics today!

7.30am: I set my alarm to get up and start sorting out the admin for the marking that came in last night so my markers could get started. I woke up feeling pretty awful – sore throat, headache, sinusy. I had some breakfast and watched a bit of YouTube. I had trouble getting going this morning.

9.30am: I got started writing the marking brief, checking the criteria sheet, and updating the marks spreadsheet.

10.28am: Shot an email to the team to let them know the marking was ready to go then answered some email.

11.30am: I caught up on my blog posts for Thursday and Friday, and read quite a few other #blogjune posts.

12.54pm: Rough housed around with Miss 7 for half an hour then did a bit more work. She was hanging out here while Mr 7 was at football with my sister. He came home a bit devastated because they lost 6 nil. The first thing he said to me was ‘Do NOT ask me how we went!’. He’s not fond of losing!

2pm: The fam went to Clip n Climb and I stayed home to work and have a nap because I was feeling rubbish. I slept for two hours and woke up feeling a bit better.

4.30pm: Answered some more email. See a theme here?! I also started preparing my sister’s old laptop to be sold – backing up her data and getting it ready to reformat.

5.45pm: The fam came home with pizza and we started watching the second half of The Flintstones. I multitasked and started writing this blog post. I also watched the videos mum had taken of the kids climbing earlier in the afternoon.

6pm-ish (I didn’t note the exact time): I started reformatting the hard drive on my sister’s old laptop using a secure seven pass erase.

7pm-ish: We started watching Harry and the Hendersons, which I haven’t seen since I was a kid. We only watched half an hour or so.

8pm-ish: My sister and the kids went home and we put on some Law and Order, and I worked away til I went to bed. I was trying to think about what I was actually working on and realised I wasn’t really sure. So I had a look at my sent items while I was writing this post and saw that there were quite a few emails there dealing with issues with the marking that my markers were working on. But other than that, I’m not really sure what I did. And I was definitely working. This made me stop and think about how often my time gets sucked up by things that aren’t even substantial enough for me to remember what I did when I think back only a day later. It’s a bit scary really.

10pm-ish: Headed to bed where I watched a couple of YouTube videos before I went to sleep.

Reflecting: On how I use my time and why I lose so much of it to inane tasks.

Feeling: Pretty rough, but better after I had a nap.

Thinking: I’ve gotten slack about recording times later in the week!

#blogjune 10/30

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