11 Jun

week in the life: day 5: friday 10 june

Another manic meeting day! I didn’t get many photos on Friday, and the ones I did get are of the kids, so I won’t post them here. But back-to-back meetings means my diary is a good prompt to reflect on the day.

img_8140.jpg6am: Got up and got myself ready, in slow mo for some reason. We planned to let the kids sleep in because they were so tired Thursday night but they woke up at their usual time so they were having breakfast when I got there. I’m always amazed that my sister manages to get herself and the kids ready AND cook hot breakfasts on demand! It was scrambled eggs today.

img_8145.jpg7.35am: I did Ms 7’s hair. She requested a bun today and likes me to take a photo so she can see it from the back.

7.45am: We took turns picking songs on Spotify for the drive to school and had a bit of a concert in the car. On the way, my sister rang me and asked me to call her back after I dropped the kids off. I did, and she told me she had been offered a job that she really wanted. I’m extremely happy for her. She’s graduating next month and worked incredibly hard, and now she is seeing the pay off. I did my usual school run morning trick and grabbed a coffee at Zarraffa’s before driving to work.

9.20am: I managed to sneak into the car park queue before they stopped letting people into the queue and then I sat there waiting for half an hour.

9.50am: Grabbed a Merlo coffee on my way to the school meeting. I managed to arrive a few minutes late, put my coffee down on the window sill behind me and then managed to knock it over! Thankfully I scrounged some tissues from my neighbour and soaked it up, and I caught it quickly so it wasn’t a big spill.

11.30pm: I went straight from the school meeting to a planning meeting for project students for next semester.

1pm: A colleague grabbed me some lunch (shamefully, GyG again!) and I sat and had lunch with her and another colleague, and then another colleague joined us briefly too. We talked about balancing work and parenting responsibilities and all had a bit of a debrief about the juggling we’d been doing this week. It’s really rare for us all to get to sit together and talk and I really appreciated that half an hour of chatting.

1.35pm: I had a meeting with my boss to run through the list of things I’d made to talk to him about, and then we did some work mapping the capabilities that are developed in each of our units. Not very exciting, and pretty tricky to do actually. It involves pulling out all the theoretical knowledge and skills that are developed in each unit. We were originally meeting 1.30pm til 3pm about this then 4pm til 5pm to work on a paper, but our 3pm meeting got pushed to 4pm, so we kept working on the capabilities mapping through til 4pm. We didn’t get to work on the paper (the same one I’ve been trying to find time to write all week…). I have to do it on Sunday now or we’ll miss the submission deadline. That’s all quite boring detail really, but I feel like this juggling and pushing and pulling are characteristic of my days so I wanted to capture it.

4pm: Headed into a research meeting about two projects that I’m really excited about. It’s all secret squirrel at the moment but I think it’s going to be a lot of fun.

5.52pm: Left the research meeting. I grabbed a drink from the vending machine because my throat was sore then hit the highway.

6.57: I stopped at home and grabbed the Erin Condren box that arrived on Tuesday and took it to my sister’s. We decided to give her the gift we’d bought for her graduation now as a congrats for getting the job. She was ecstatic! When I arrived, mum and Ms 7 were playing doctors at the kitchen bench. Then the twins decided to play a game of Harry High Pants, where they pull their PJ pants up as high as possible and jump around like crazy cats. Mr 7 came home with us for a sleepover. He watched The Flintstones movie with mum while I worked on the lounge.

9.39pm: I felt like I was getting sick so I decided to have an early night. Despite professing he wasn’t tired, Mr 7 fell asleep on the lounge the second we weren’t watching him! Got the cutest pic of him fast asleep. I watched a couple of YouTube videos and then went to sleep myself.

Feeling: On the precipice… Starting to get sick.

Winning: A good debrief with lovely colleagues over lunch and then another with my boss helped me to get my head in order a bit.

Writing: Things on my to do list… Scrawling them across the pages… My usual system isn’t working this week because it’s been such a fragmented week. When this happens, I just try to get everything down as I think of it, and then tidy it into a proper list later.

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