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week in the life: day 4: thursday 9 june

What. A. Day. I spent all of today running between commitments. This kind of day typically happens about two days a week. I didn’t have time to make notes during the day but I took photos so I’d have time stamps to refer to and I wrote this post up on Saturday morning.

img_8120.jpg7.03am: I woke up and thought to myself, ‘Gee, it’s very light for 5.45am’. Then I looked at my phone and realised my alarm hadn’t gone off because I’d set it for 5.45pm. Argh! I should have already been at my sister’s, helping to get the kids ready for school. I did a mad dash, got stuck into the dry shampoo, brushed my teeth with a new kids toothbrush seeing mine got mixed up with the shower cleaning toothbrush, put foundation on*, packed up the rest of my makeup to put on at work, and chucked on some clothes. I drove to my sister’s place, left the car running, ran in and grabbed the kids and then we hit the road.

* I used my new foundation brush for the first time, which I bought after pretty much every beauty blogger I watched raved about it last month. It’s the Clinique Foundation Buff Brush and it’s bloody brilliant. I took time to put my foundation on even though I was running an hour and 15 minutes late because my skin is awful right now and I didn’t want to walk from the car park to the office without some coverage. I’ve always had really good skin and for the last several years, I’ve only worn a CC cream as a base, with a bit of powder on my T zone. I had to change some medications when I broke my foot and my skin has gone absolutely bananas. I had to go out and buy a new foundation because I suddenly needed more coverage. I bought the Diorskin Forever Fluid Foundation and also got sucked into buying the Diorskin Forever Compact too, which is very nice, particularly when buffed into the skin with a brush. I also bought the L’Oreal Nude Magique Cushion Foundation, which I quite like (although I’ve only worn it once, and it’s a lighter coverage than the Diorskin foundation). This was a surprise for me because I’ve never bought a lower priced foundation before. It’s one of the products I’ve always assumed was something that needed a bit of an investment. Anyway… That was a bit of a random aside! Back to my day.

img_8122.jpg8.23am: After I dropped the kids at school, I stopped to grab a coffee at Zarraffa’s on my way to the highway.

9.35am: Got to campus and discovered the car parks were full because it’s exam week. I managed to get into the queue for the car park before security stopped people joining the queue. About 10 minutes earlier, while I was stuck in traffic, I had suggested to a colleague that I meet her on Skype to help her re-record the intro to a lecture that had dodgy audio quality, and had to send her another email to say I was stuck in the car park queue. I answered some email and kept listening to the podcast.

img_8126.jpg9.55am: I realised I should just get on with doing my make up while I waited to get into the car park.

10.10am: Finally got a park and headed to the office. I Skyped my colleague and we re-recorded the intro as planned. I spent 15 minutes looking at the results of a survey I conducted asking online students about their experience in one of the units I taught in this semester, Understanding Research. In this unit, I’m effectively a tutor. My role is to run the online mode and I also give a couple of lectures, about inductive reasoning and inductive research, and qualitative data collection methods. There weren’t really any surprises in the survey responses but there were some good comments that will help me tweak the delivery for next semester. Then I spent about 20 minutes catching up with a colleague about our respective weeks. It was a bit of a debrief and decompress really. It’s a busy time of semester and we’re all running around a lot, so it’s good to stop and chat, even briefly.

10.55am: I stopped at the campus book shop to grab a skinny flat white on the way to my 11am meeting.

11.05am: I arrived at my meeting a few minutes late. We spent two hours discussing how the semester had gone in Understanding Research and planning for next semester. We juggled the lecture schedule around and started talking about how we might run tutorials and tweak assessment. It was a good, productive meeting.

1.10pm: I had a lunch meeting at The Pantry with one of my PhD students. We talked about the next steps in her research, writing a conference paper, and just had a general catch up. I had a toasted ham and cheese sandwich minus the ham (they’re pre-made so I always have to ask them to take it off!). There’s something particularly good about these sandwiches. I think there’s some mustard or something on there.

2.00pm: Headed to a Course Management Group meeting where it took us 45 minutes of the 90 minute meeting to get through the business arising. Miraculously, we did get through almost the whole agenda. This is very rare! I needed to hang around afterwards to see someone, so during the meeting I emailed my 3.30pm appointment and pushed our meeting til Friday.

3.45pm: Hit the road, aiming to get home before my 5pm Skype meeting.

5.05pm: I didn’t quite make it home in time so I answered the Skype call on my phone – hands free, and audio only! Just like a hands free phone call. Everyone panics about me Skyping in the car but it’s no different to talking on the phone. Anyway, the people I was meeting offered to call back when I was home.

5.15pm: Arrived home and started my Skype meeting. The meeting was about a research project and progressing the analysis.

5.45pm: My sister had an awards ceremony to go to and seeing my meeting was quick I text her to ask if she’d left yet and whether I could go with her. Mum was staying home with the kids.

img_8129.jpg6.19pm: Snapped a selfie with my sis before the ceremony started.

6.50pm: Watched my sister get presented with the Sisters of Mercy Medal for the most outstanding student in the third year of her degree. Then we snuck straight out the back door of the lecture theatre and headed for home, stopping for Guzman y Gomez (again!) on the way home to get some take away.

7.30pm: Got home after dropping my sister off and collecting my mum. I ate dinner while watching an episode of Law and Order SVU. We’ve been through 18 episodes this week! Then I started working in front of the TV – mostly answering email. These days full of back to back meetings always mean I get nothing done and need to get through some stuff in the evening.

img_8136.jpg9.47pm: The student I had the lunch meeting with had given me some rocky road from the Noosa Chocolate Factory and we cut some off the monster slab. When she gave it to me, I could smell it just holding the closed bag. It is amazing! Strawberry jelly, marshmallow and chocoloatey goodness. Definitely the best rocky road I’ve ever had.

10.30pm: Stopped working and got ready for bed, then watched a couple of YouTube videos in bed.

11.04pm: Set my alarm for 6am then crashed.

Feeling: Proud of my sister.

Thinking: Next semester is going to be full on.

Winning: Making it home in time to go to my sister’s awards ceremony.

Delaying: Everything that isn’t urgent, and some things that are.

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