08 Jun

week in the life: day 3: wednesday 8 june

Today I didn’t have a chance to make any notes during the day, but I did snap a few pictures to help with remembering what happened when. It was a really scrappy day which always means I need to catch up at night.

5.52am: Mr 7 woke up early so he came into my bed, 8 minutes before my alarm was meant to go off. I don’t mind waking up early and coming in for a morning cuddle, but I’d rather it was an hour before the alarm went off so we could go back to sleep for an hour. But then, he probably wouldn’t go back to sleep.

6.18am: I hit snooze twice but we didn’t get any extra sleep. Just had a chat instead. I deposited Mr 7 on the lounge under a blanket. Actually, it was a towel, since the throw rug is in the wash and I don’t know where the others are. Mum had left the A/C on for us so it was toasty. Swallowed my morning cocktail of vitamins and meds for my foot then jumped in the shower. Got dressed in jeans, a tshirt and a hoodie for a work from home day.

7am: Arrived at my sister’s house and headed for her bathroom to blow dry my hair. Ms 7 was in my sister’s bed in her school uniform, being ominously quiet…

7.20am: Ate the dregs of the kids’ breakfast for my own breakfast.

7.35am: Did Ms 7’s hair and had a heated discussion with her about putting her school cardigan on. I have no idea why their school jumpers/cardigans have to be made out of a rigid knit fabric because it is seriously the cause of almost daily arguments in winter. They look so uncomfortable, which I’m told is how they feel. Ms 7 was pretty cranky and Mr 7 and I may have made it worse by being a bit cheeky. Then I had another… let’s call it ‘fraught conversation’ with Ms 7 about wearing a non-school colour hair tie on her wrist.

7.45am: I tried to take a selfie of Ms 7 and I in the car but she wasn’t having any of it and I got an awesome picture that basically summed up her mood this morning. But since it shows her face I’ll save it for my offline scrapbook. The kids were both occupied with gaming so I listened to a podcast on the drive.

8.20am: There was a big truck broken down in the middle of a major intersection near school so the traffic was really bad. We got there just as the music was playing. Randomly, whatever happened to a good old fashioned school bell?

8.30am: I went back through the traffic, which was still pretty slow although the truck had moved and then stopped at Bunnings to pick up another drain cover for the bathroom. The result: we now have a total of four that don’t quite fit. Gah!

8.55am: The handyman had been and gone before I got home but still wasn’t finished everything, plus I had the (useless) drain cover with me. Endless renos are endless. I started working – answering email, for something different – on the lounge while I waited for him to come back.

10am: The cleaner arrived. We had a quick chat then I got back to work. I love her. She is a really good, caring person and she does really nice things for us. When I was writing my thesis she would get in and pull everything out of my study and make it all shiny and completely dust free so it was a nice environment for me, and she did it a way that wasn’t just about doing her job, but also about caring.

10.35am: Left home to go see the doctor.

img_8110.jpg11.05am: Sat in the doctor’s waiting room because she was running late. We made a plan to start reducing the meds I’m on for complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), which I developed post op after having a plate and bone graft for my broken foot in February. She has also recommended I start mirror therapy, which I’ve been putting off, to help with retraining my brain so it doesn’t think my foot is under attack. We also decided that I should get the plate taken out at the end of the teaching year. I had previously thought I would just wait and see because I didn’t want to stir up the CRPS again, but since my foot is getting better, I can really feel the plate when I walk. It means more surgery but I think it’s a good decision and I’m happy that I can plan for the surgery this time!

11.45am: Got home to find the handyman was here. Had a quick chat, paid him, and got back to work.

img_8111.jpg1.07pm: My sister’s graduation gift arrived in the mail – a teacher planner from Erin Condren (more on planners in a post later this week!). I’ve safely hidden the box!

2.16pm: Packed up my laptop, snacks for the kids, water and my planner and headed to school.

2.55pm: Ms 7 had her dance class so I hung out on the oval with Mr 7 while he kicked a ball around with some mates and then on his own. The kid is quick and sharp. I love watching his feet flying. I answered email for an hour while he played.

4.05pm: Ms 7 finished dancing and we headed home.

4.35pm: Dropped the kids home to my sister’s place then drove the 10 metres from her driveway to mine.

img_8116.jpg4.45pm: Settled on the lounge in my PJs for an evening of work.

7.11pm: My sister just messaged me to say Mr 7 lost another tooth – his fourth in three weeks. He’s got so many teeth out at the front of his mouth that I’m not sure how he’s going to eat!

9.16pm: Knock off time.

10pm: Zzzzz

I also wanted to add a few reflections and random bits of info to this post for later scrapbooking.

Thinking: I love blogging and reading blogs so much that I don’t know why I don’t do this more the rest of the year. Also: I know I still won’t blog more no matter how much I think about how much I enjoy it.

Winning: I got a spot at a writing retreat for women in research, which is being held in the Sunshine Coast hinterland next month. I’m extremely excited for two whole days of uninterrupted writing in the company of gems like @kathleensme.

Delaying: The conference paper I have been trying to get focused on for the last five days, but that I was actually scheduled to nail today. I have back-to-back meetings for the next two days so really not sure when I’m going to get to write it.

Feeling: Extremely tired.

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4 thoughts on “week in the life: day 3: wednesday 8 june

  1. So much time and energy is wasted over fraught conversations about inanities like school jumpers and colour of hair ties. Surely schools should be happy if we spend our time talking to children about their hopes, dreams and interests instead.

  2. I hear you about the school “bell”. I think it’s the catholic school up the road from me that has Forrest Gump music for their “bell”. So annoying, especially on my ‘work from home’ days when I now know when they start their day, have morning tea, have lunch and finish for the day. What *did* happen to the old fashioned school bell?

    • I distinctly remember my frustration at the beeping of the ‘bell’ at the school that was up the road from us when the twins were babes. It seemed to always go off when I could sneak a nap! Joys of working from home (the bells and the naps!)…

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