07 Jun

week in the life: day 2: tuesday 7 june

It’s day 2 in my week in the life, and today was an unusual day…

6.31am: I set my alarm for 6.20, snoozed once, and got up. Well done me! I ate a scone for breakfast while watching the new Jennifer McGuire Ink video.

7am: New shower heads have been installed! Hooray for having my first good shower in the new house. It only took 3 months to get them in…
7.05am: I have no idea how I lost half an hour between getting up and getting out of the shower, but somehow I did. Consequently, I was running late to get next door to help get the kids ready and then take them to school. I grabbed my make up bag and took it to my sister’s, where I sat on her bedroom floor to do my makeup and hair, under Ms 7’s supervision. Today I tried a new foundation. Unusually for me, it was just a L’Oreal one (i.e. not super expensive). It’s the Nude Magique Cushion Foundation and I think I liked it, though I need to give it a go without my new primer (also L’Oreal – Lumi Magique Pure Light Primer) because I think it kind of shifted and it might have been the primer. (I really love makeup and have another post in draft about this….) Then I did Ms 7’s hair and we bolted out the door. There were tears and tantrums about who would sit in the front seat so I said nobody could, which they took surprisingly well!

8.35am: Dropped the kids at school and then stopped at Zarraffa’s for a coffee for the road.

9.09am: I feel like I spend half my life (and half my income – the rest goes on parking!) at the petrol station. img_8097.jpg

10.04am: After a rather large detour courtesy GPS not working in the airport link tunnel, I arrived at Ministry of Handmade to do a lampshade class with the very lovely Lyndelle. Yup, I skived off for a couple of hours to make a lampshade for my great grandmother’s lamp, which played a starring role in fire rescue dramas in our lounge room over the last few years seeing Mr 7 used it as a fire pole. I’ve been wanting to make a shade for this lamp for forevity so I’m extremely happy it’s done and I love it. It was a lot of fun and not very hard, so I see more lampshades in my future. I also managed to buy a couple of metres more fabric than I needed because I apparently can’t read, so I have plenty left to make cushions with. Here is Lyndelle pushing fabric under the rim of her lampshade with a cheese knife (very technical this lampshade making business!). img_8098.jpg

12.40pm: Lunch and email. I may have eaten Guzman y Gomez again. Ooops.

1pm: I made a quick trip to Myer to buy my sister some clothes. She’s on her prac placement and her classroom isn’t heated and it just got cold all of a sudden. She doesn’t have warm clothes and doesn’t have time to shop so I grabbed her a few things (and later found out I got the size wrong on everything…). Then I spent the afternoon doing admin.

5pm: I met my sister and the kids at Grilld where the kids were having burgers for dinner and then the kids bought a ridiculous amount of frozen yoghurt at Yoghurt Land. Mr 7 decided he just had to stay over so he came home with me.

img_8105.jpg6.15pm: Got home, took my make up off, got my PJs on and did a quick check to see what the handyman had done today (not much… Will this renovation ever end?!). Had a general rant about being sick of living in a construction zone then set the lamp up with its new shade in its new home.

6.30pm: Set up on the lounge to answer email, read a Confirmation of Candidature document, and hopefully get some marking done… Except I got distracted by writing these notes up.

7.15pm: Mr 7 went to bed and then I got stuck into work.

9.43pm: Spent the last two and a half hours reading a Confirmation of Candidature document. Still have more work to do on it but I’m calling it a day on the work front.

10pm: I need to rub my foot a couple of times a day and the sensation is spiff I hate doing it myself, so my mum did it for me before I went to bed.

10.28pm:  Watched two YouTube videos in bed (Inkie Quill and Crafty Jen Schow), set my alarm, switched my phone onto do not disturb, finished this post, and hitting publish…. Now!

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