06 Jun

week in the life: day 1: monday 6 june

This week, I’m recording a week in my life. I’m making my notes here in blog posts ready to scrapbook this when the week is done. I should warn you that this activity is about capturing the minutiae of the every day, so it’s probably a boring read for anyone other than future me! Here goes.

7.10am: My alarm was set for 6.30 then I hit snooze three times before having a quick look at my email and finally getting out of bed. I meant to go to Shut Up and Write from 8am til 10am so I was a bit relieved to see it was cancelled.

7.17am: I heated a scone and ate it with strawberry jam while watching a YouTube video from one of my favourite YouTube channels, Inkie Quill.

8am: The handyman arrived just after 8am to finish installing door handles, nailing skirting boards, putting up towel rails and installing shower heads.

9.05am: Finally on the road. After applying my makeup, taking it off, then putting it back on again (I hate those days when I can’t get it right), I went to get into the car much later than planned and the car wouldn’t start. Gah! I had to take mum’s car and leave her with mine, to call RACQ for a jump start so she could go and get a new battery.

10am: I had a completely random conversation with my boss and one of my PhD students. We went from talking about the wild weather over the weekend, to shark attacks, then crocodile attacks, then to baby hippos playing with the tail of big crocodiles, to raising virtuoso violinists, to getting Ms 7 into football and raising a terrible twins duo of formidable football players.

12.39pm: I rang mum to check on the car situation and she said it needed a new battery, which she’d sorted, but the mechanic had also said I need new tires too. It feels like it’s one thing after another at the moment, between renovating, my broken foot and subsequent surgery and rehab, and cars. Bills, bills, bills!

1.05pm: Spent some time (too long!) answering email and eating salt and vinegar biscuits when I really should have been analyzing interview transcripts.

1.07pm: Replied to a tweet from Rachel who was looking for ideas on getting organized. I’ve already promised another friend I’d blog about my planner system so I’m hoping to get stuck into that tonight.

2.32pm: Left the office to get my favourite lunch: corn chips and roasted tomato salsa from GyG. It was only 18 degrees outside, according to my weather app, and I reckon it was a fair bit cooler than that in the city and particularly in the wind tunnel at the bottom of our building. I took my lunch back to the office where I munched and watched Chloe and Beans on YouTube before getting back to answering email.

4.11pm: Packed up and headed to the car park where I forked out $25 for a 6 hour and 27 minute stay. I’m so frustrated by what I spend on parking, and $25 is actually a good day. It’s generally $40 because I’m there for longer. Right now there’s nothing I can do about the expense because my foot is not up to walking up to campus from a cheaper car park. Plus to get cheap parking I need to be at work really early, which is a struggle with my commute. So for now I’m forking out $40 pretty much every time I go into the office.

4.28pm: The traffic was its normal slow self but I was listening to the Paperclipping Roundtable podcast so the time flew. It was an episode from July last year that looked at why scrapbookers are compelled to buy so much scrapbooking product.

4.56pm: I tried to capture the beautiful sky I was seeing on the road but turns out my sunglasses were making it seem more spectacular than it really was.

5.41pm: Headed straight to my sister’s house where we did several run throughs of Ms 7’s class play, in which she played every part except the narrator (that was me) and Rabbit Two (played by Mr 7). As soon as I walked in the door she asked me if I could come to school on Thursday for the play. Queue mild panic because my Thursday isn’t re-arrangable this week. Turns out it’s next Thursday and Mr 7’s is next Tuesday, so I have some diary juggling to do for next week.

Practising Ms 7’s class play

6.14pm: I had a really quick dinner with the kids then sat on the lounge and checked email on my phone while my mum and sister made lunches for tomorrow. I realised I don’t have a selfie for today so I took a few and my sister yelled out from the kitchen, ‘Well Kate Kate is clearly just sitting there taking selfies!’. She finds the whole idea of selfies hilarious.

6.45pm: Headed home, took off my make up, got into my PJs and settled onto the lounge with my laptop to finish making these notes about today.

7.18pm: Ready to start work again, which means queuing up some trashy TV but first I needed to update our IP address with GetFlix. Netflix is back after being out for a couple of days (we get the US version but they are getting tricky with detecting IP addresses lately).

7.37pm: It’s freezing so I decided to try wearing a sock again, even though last time it felt like wrapping my foot in sandpaper. And success! It feels strange – not at all like the other foot feels – but it isn’t painful. Just sort of not comfortable.

7.52pm: Ok, I couldn’t deal with the sock after all, so off it came.

9.56pm: Spent two hours doing some admin and drafting a blog post about my planner set up. Calling it quits for the day to watch the end of an intense episode of Law and Order SVU before I crash.

10.36pm: In bed, adding photos to this post using the iPhone WordPress app. It’s hard to work with photos in the app so not sure how good they’re going to be. That’s it for me today. Time to watch one YouTube video and then it’s lights out.

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