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advice from mums on juggling life, kids, work and professional development

For the last two weeks, my colleagues and I have been running a discussion topic on professional development on the International Librarians Network blog. Yesterday, we published a post pulling together the voices of a number of women we work with on the topic of juggling life, kids, work and professional development.

It’s about a bunch of women who are librarians, information professionals, or academics in the LIS space but it’s a post that has value for women in a multitude of different professions, so I wanted to share it here. Go read it now, whether you’ve got kids or not, because this stuff is not easy and I think it gets just that little bit easier if we’re all in it together.

Although we didn’t explicitly talk about, this post reminds me that

behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back

(Quote via the Instagram feed of entrepreneur, author and speaker Lisa Messenger.)

These women are a big part of my tribe.

Thanks Lyndelle, Katya, Kathleen, Clare, and Kate for sharing about your experience.

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2 thoughts on “advice from mums on juggling life, kids, work and professional development

  1. Hi Kate,
    Yes agree wholeheartedly that it’s important to share our experience which helps sometimes to halve the load we take on as mothers, wives, academics, librarians, cleaners, tutors, dog feeders – you name it, we do it! I like Gloria Steinem’s view that we women have historically operated in a circle of support for each other, but in this post-industrial age we’ve taken on the patriarchal hierarchy of work organisation. Women are and should be our greatest comfort, strength and support, rather than our biggest detractors which is what I’ve witnessed alot in my work situations. So let’s append the Messenger quote with an Albright classic ‘there’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other’ – I prefer heaven to hell. Thanks for the PD session, I look forward to the next. Robyn Edmanson

  2. haha, fanTAStic quote Robyn! Great addition. I really think it’s important to have these conversations also, and am finding it hard to find the time and space to find the people to have these conversations with, in a recorded/written medium. I am attempting research into this, but as I have little time and brain power myself, it’s going slowly.

    Thank you Kate, for pointing me to this, well Sally (http://findingheroes.co.nz) then you for writing something to link to!

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