30 Jun

lessons from june

  1. I can write a PhD thesis! It is done and submitted!
  2. If I managed to blog this month, when I had so much to do I’ve been getting up at 3am or 4am and working til all hours, I can blog anytime.
  3. I really enjoy blogging. I already knew this, but I think long breaks make me forget how much. Like reverse nostalgia. 
  4. I’ve missed Twitter. I’ve been quiet on the tweeting front for quite a while, but I tweeted a lot more this month and I spent more time looking at my feed and I realised I have actually missed it. It’s those incidental conversations that spring up. The serendipitous discoveries. 
  5. I am not good at succinct. Succinct blog posts; succinct emails; succinct theses; succinct acknowledgements (I had to put a link in my thesis acknowledgements to more acknowledgements. I KNOW).
  6. Sometimes you have to lose a couple of battles if you want to win the war. 
  7. I can actually let the battles go when it really comes to the crunch. 
  8. If I can let the tactical battles go when it comes to the crunch, maybe I can let them go earlier and save some energy.
  9. I was recording some responses to interview questions this afternoon and I was rambling because I was tired and and I’d run out of think. I was talking about the different aspects of my job and the different research I do and I heard myself talking about doing research that makes my heart sing. And it occurred to me that I should be chasing the things that make my heart sing. And then I realised that I could; that I have enough autonomy and intellectual freedom in my job to just do the work that makes my heart sing. Ok, my heart will never sing about marking, but I can teach the stuff that makes my heart sing, and teaching itself makes my heart sing. And I realised that I’m pretty damn lucky that I get to do what I do.
  10. I can function decently on a lot less sleep than I thought.
  11. Blogging makes me a more productive work-y writer, I think because it allows me to get all the things I’m thinking about out of my head.
  12. There are things you can do at the 11th hour and it will be fine. Printing and binding a thesis is not one of them.
  13. I can actually meditate! I just needed to learn how. Thank you, Headspace.
  14. Sometimes you just have to give up your lofty ambitions of writing a blog post about 30 things you learned this month and go to sleep early instead. Cause sometimes eyes just refuse to stay open.

Thanks for a particularly awesome #blogjune everyone! 

26/30 #blogjune

4 thoughts on “lessons from june

  1. Kate, it’s been a wonderful journey to learn from you, to work with you, to be friends with you as you’ve travelled this PhD path. Looking forward to sharing the next stage too, whatever it holds.

  2. Yay for thesis submitting!

    Also, I really struggle with the ‘art of getting it down in 140 characters’ so succint-ness is a bit of a challenge for me too – but I figure that practice probably would help. NTS: spend more time on twitter. And more time blogging…

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