25 Jun

collaborative blogging is go! (and some tough love)

[Update: If you’ve contributed to this conversation and I missed your post in my list, please add it in the comments and I’ll put it in the list too. I haven’t deliberately left anyone off  – I just have a memory like a sieve!]

Alisa at Flight Path has put up a post calling for interest in kicking off a collaborative blog, with the tentative name of ‘League of Librarians’.

Image courtesy Kim Tairi. Available on Flickr under a BY-NC-SA 2.0 license.

Image courtesy Kim Tairi. Available on Flickr under a BY-NC-SA 2.0 license.

For the back story on this post, you might like to read the following posts:

There has also been lots of conversation on this on Twitter. Check out the #blogjune hashtag for more.

But most importantly, get involved in the conversation. This conversation. Professional conversation generally. However you want.

Blog. Comment on blogs. Tweet. Speak at conferences. Ask a question after a conference presentation. Write journal articles. Then tweet about your journal articles. Contact your nearest ‘library school’ and offer to speak or make a short video or write a blog post or host a tour for their courses. Write a short piece for inCite. Start or join a journal club. Kick off conversations on an elist (okay I’m stretching here. Do people still use these? I have to say I’m not subscribed to many and most get filtered straight to trash). Find an interest group on Facebook and stoke some conversation. Tweet links to the blog posts you’re reading, even (especially!) non-LIS ones.

Contribute big: write meaty content. Or contribute small: make a comment here and there.

Tough love

This is the part where I tell it like it is. Ready for the tough love?

Impostor slaying

Want to contribute to professional discourse but suffer from impostor syndrome? Join the queue! The fastest way to slay that beast is just to get on with doing and saying what you want to do and say. If you are really, really gagged by impostor syndrome, find yourself a buddy to use as a sounding board for your ideas, then just get them out into the big wide world.

But don’t let impostor syndrome stop you contributing. We all want to hear what you’ve got to say.

Just muck in

Nobody cares if you’re a first semester student or you’ve got 100 years of experience under your belt. Everyone has something to contribute.

If contributing is a priority, you’ll make time

Professional discourse will only be as good as we make it. Extended professional discourse – meaty content – takes more work, and if we want to see it happen, we need to put the work in.

Informal, extended professional discourse leads to ideas flying around and incubation and creativity and all good things. It leads to projects and grants and good, everyday practice.

Don’t let being time poor be an excuse. We are all time poor. I’m well acquainted with what it means to have a crazy work load and a hectic family life. We all are.

But here is the thing: we make time to do things that matter to us.

If you don’t want to get involved in professional discourse, don’t get involved in professional discourse. If it’s not a priority for you, that’s ok.

But if it is a priority for you, make time. In fact, if it is a priority for you, you will make time, probably without it being too hard to find.

Still with me?

Then head over to Alisa’s blog and think about how you might get involved in a collaborative blog, or even put your hand up to say you’re interested in reading this kind of content. Blogs need readers and commenters too. Quick, go!

#blogjune 24/30

3 thoughts on “collaborative blogging is go! (and some tough love)

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  3. Oh no! It’s begun… After putting my hand up to help the LOL and reading your inspiring words – I’ve started a blog. I just wanted to give it a go and have some blog-practice. It’s self indulgent and I actually had a bit of fun.There’s just one post, no homepage, no about section, it needs more glitter and piccies, but there is rhubarb.
    GLAM & food. It’s all I need really. https://librarylaureng.wordpress.com

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