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what are the big professional issues we should be blogging about?

noun_89109So in the last week or so, I’ve written a couple of posts about professional blogging. And there’s been some interest in kicking off a group blog that focuses on professional issues in the library and information professions.

Over the next couple of weeks, I want to get a conversation going about this and perhaps even get a new collaborative blog off the ground – or at least get plans in place to do that.

I think it makes sense to start by talking about the topics we need to be engaging with; the stuff you really want to be reading – and hopefully writing! – about.

So this post is more a bunch of questions for you than content from me.

What are the critical issues in library and information organisations right now? What things things interest you? Where is critical discourse needed?

And what’s happening outside libraries that we should have our eyes on? What can we learn from other industries? What are the big issues for libraries’ parent organisations?

In later posts, I’m going to ask you whether you’re interested in blogging with us (not sure who the ‘us’ is yet!) and who you’d like to hear from (so we can go out and tap people on the shoulder to contribute). But for now, let’s talk content. These could be general, broad ideas, Big Issues, very specific topics, or stories you’re busting to tell.

I’ll start the conversation with two things that are at the front of my mind: one broad, and one narrower:

  • Changing educational paradigms in higher education and the impact on libraries (think MOOCs, connected learning etc).
  • How can public libraries better support parents in engaging very young kids in reading (because have you seen school readers lately? It’s no wonder our Miss 6 has no desire to read!).

Please add your thoughts in the comments. It would be great to scope this collaborative blog thang with a good idea of where the focus should be initially.

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2 thoughts on “what are the big professional issues we should be blogging about?

  1. Hi there! What are the issues? This is a question that I reflected on and blogged about a little bit last year… particularly in relation to the delivery of library services to youth (both in public and school libraries) as that was the sector that I was working in at the time. The issues that arose were:

    – Youth and technology awareness / online safety, particularly in using social and mobile technology and protecting their own privacy.
    – Information literacy in terms of being able to evaluate online content for relevance, bias, currency, authority, etc (not that it’s a new issue, but it’s still very much something that needs more development in curriculum)
    – Finding ways of embedding libraries into those online and mobile spaces that youth use
    – Wider community awareness and both public and professional recognition of the amazing work that public libraries do in promoting early childhood literacy, rather than seeing something like story time as a bit of fun for kids.
    – Developing appropriate library spaces for children and youth
    – Implications of the various media formats for reading, particularly in relation to childhood development.
    – Ensuring that collections, spaces and services represent the diversity of the community, in terms of having literary content that have diverse representations, whether it be gender, race, sexuality, disability, ethnicity, cultural background, etc… and that this is recognised in collection development policy.
    – Being mindful of censorship, and the that damage it can cause when denying the representations and experiences of those in the library’s community.
    – “Why aren’t students reading non-fiction anymore?” – When students now have access to online research tools, what are the implications for non-fiction and reference print collections in schools? Are they still necessary?

    Anyway, those were the main issues for me a year ago, and I know these come out of the context of school / public libraries, but they’re part of wider issues that certainly need to be addressed across the industry.

    • These are important issues and I think ones we should be talking about.

      Are these things that you feel like you could / would / should blog about?

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