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i’m blogging june

If there is one thing that makes me reflect on how fast a year flies by, it’s #blogjune. For the last five-ish years, a whole bunch of people, inspired by a post from Con, have blogged every day in June. I’ve played along to varying extents over the years, some years managing to hit my personal targets, other years failing dismally. But every June when I contemplate whether I’m going to participate and if I can really commit to daily blogging, I’m struck by how ridiculously fast the last 12 months have gone and how much has happened in that time.

June is a big month in academic land. It starts out with a period of intensive marking, and finishes up with a period of intensive semester prep. It’s also one of the two times in the year (the other being December) when everybody in the university decides it’s Time To Get Shit Done. Diaries fill up quickly with all the meetings that can’t run during semester, and many of us try to jam in writing projects between semester too.

This June will be no different for me. Actually, that’s not quite true. It probably will be. It’s shaping up to be even bigger than usual. I had a significantly heftier teaching load this semester, which means more end of semester administration (though thankfully I have lots of help with marking). We have new people joining our teaching team (very, very exciting – we have really needed to get some new people on board for a while, and I’m looking forward to new perspectives and new ideas) who I’ll be helping to settle in. I’m teaching a brand new unit in Semester 2, and I’m team teaching a second brand new unit, which means lots of learning design work on the agenda.

It’s also a big month for going after the things I really want. After six years of contract work, a position at my level has been advertised, so I will be working on my CV and application. But perhaps the biggest thing of all: I’m currently revising and editing my thesis for submission on 29 June. Yes, this will be the last #blogjune in which I whinge about thesis writing.

So why am I trying to blog daily in the midst of the chaos? Because I love blogging and I miss it. I am a huge blog reader so I love all the extra fodder in my feed, too. I also find my academic writing is easier and better when I’m blogging, so I’m banking on #blogjune to push me through the last stage of my PhD.

I’ll be blogging here and also at my teaching and learning blog higheredukate. I’ll cross post here, as this is the blog I’ve named on the sign up sheet.

Finally, an advance apology for a brief site outage at some point in the next week or so… The hosting company I use for this blog is driving me crazy. The site performance is all kinds of bad. So I’ll be moving this blog to my new favourite host, Reclaim Hosting, who I am naming because I think what they do is awesome. (In a nutshell,  what they do is cheap, quality hosting for educators and students. So cheap you could be forgiven for expecting it to be dodgy town. But I have never had less problems with hosting a course site than I’ve had this semester with Reclaim Hosting. In fact, I haven’t had one single problem. I can’t really say enough good things about this company. What I love most is that by making hosting affordable, they give students the opportunity to create a home for themselves on the web that they control, where they can make good use of everything they’re learning about online identity management.) I’ll move the site as quickly as I can, but there will be some outage while the new DNS settings take effect.

Happy blogging and commenting everyone!

#blogjune 1/30

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  1. already looking foward to your posts- although secretly freaked that I have signed up again…doing much less than you…but can I do it! Argh 🙂
    I just enough #blogjune and the community

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