06 Jun

on pride and wonder and greed

Today, Mr 5 received a student of the week award, which means school assembly was a family affair.

I’m super proud of him because he got his award for “being a trustworthy friend and classmate who always takes care of others”. He is a gentle, kind soul (except when reenacting Star Wars scenes!), a great brother, and an awesome little person.

He was so proud of himself. He stood up straight and pushed his chest out and held his certificate up in front of him. He looked like he was about to burst with pride.

Ms 5 was super proud of her brother too. When we got to school, she ran up to her best friend and said, “My brother is student of the week!”

As I watched them go through the routine of assembly, I couldn’t help thinking about how much of their lives will be spent at school, and consequently, how much of their lives we aren’t privy to. They know all these things that we had no idea they knew. They know the national anthem! They have all these rituals and routines that we don’t know about. They are learning so much, so quickly, and we only hear about a fraction of the things they learn. There is this big chunk of their lives that is enacted at a distance from us.

And I’m greedy. I want to know about all of it. I want to *see* all of it. Even though I’m proud of their independence and their growing confidence. Even though they get to share these experiences with each other. Even though they are at a great school, with wonderful teachers. Even though they are so proud to come home and show us what they have learned.

I just want to be there with them. To watch them learn. To see their wonder.

I’m greedy, and I want to see *all* the things.

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One thought on “on pride and wonder and greed

  1. Oh yes the greed! (and the pride). I think that’s why i love doing Reading Groups so much …I get to check out the kids and what does on there 🙂

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