04 Jun

there’s no words

I love how the phrases we use become the language of our kids, and how our habits rub off on them too.┬áMy littlest love likes to tell us, “There’s no words for how much I love you,” an expression she learned from her nanny. We are big on saying I love you.

I’ve lost my voice. It’s been MIA since Sunday night. I’m grateful it didn’t happen til the end of the day on which I had my very last teaching commitment for the semester. But my phone has been running hot all week with enquiries from prospective students and I feel ridiculous whispering at them. And I don’t really have much whisper in me either. It’s quite hard to communicate that I can’t talk, so the first minute of the conversation is very odd.

Today I looked at my thesis for the first time in five months. My schedule gives me six days to finish this chapter. Today a sixth of the time I budgeted for this chapter disappeared with no words to show for it.

I didn’t post yesterday, not for lack of ideas. I was going to write a post about risk. I had some words down already but I couldn’t find the new ones I needed to stitch it into some kind of coherent story. It felt like it was going to take a lot of effort to drag the words out of my brain and I didn’t feel like I had the energy to do it.

And I’m not sure I’ve got enough words in me to write a blog post every day this month.

Sometimes, there just aren’t words.

Blog everyday in June: 3/30

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