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was dawson’s creek this cringeworthy the first time round?

Warning: This post is particularly profound. Read with caution.

I love TV. In a big way. I binge watch series after series. I also love Netflix because it supports my TV watching habit.

I am currently re-watching Dawson’s Creek. I grew up with Pacey, Andie, Dawson,  Jen, Joey and Jack. My teenage angst happened in parallel with theirs… Although my angst was decidedly less angsty than theirs, which was probably part of the appeal – my mini dramas looked very small compared to those of the Capeside crew.  

I have been busting to re-watch Dawson’s for ages, but now that I am watching it, I’m thinking back to my first viewing and asking myself whether it was this lame the first time around.

Dawson is just not likable at all. All the characters are over-acted and Katie Holmes and James Van Der Beek are particularly cringeworthy together.

People just don’t talk like that.

I’m not even sure I can keep watching it, partly because I’m sitting here asking myself whether I took my angsting cues from the show (god I hope not), and partly because it’s destroying my memories.

Surely, *surely* it couldn’t have been this bad the first time around?

The one enduring memory I have that hasn’t been shattered by this second viewing is my memory of Pacey, who I love as much now as I did 15ish years ago. I’m just not sure Pacey is enough to redeem the whole show.

PS. How much would Dawson love Netflix?

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3 thoughts on “was dawson’s creek this cringeworthy the first time round?

  1. So funny you should bring Dawson’s Creek up. I tried to watch an episode about a month ago. I missed most of it the first time around and never really got what the fuss was all about. Couldn’t watch more than 5 minutes this time before I gave up. The over acting is hilarious.

  2. I rewatched Dawson’s (the whole six seasons) in April last year! I took so many screenshots because lots of things drove me mad. Yes, when I first watched it all those years ago, Dawson & Joey had painful dialogue and because they were almost in the same age group as me, I really noticed the stark difference in their communication vs. real life. Some things really resonated with me at the time, and it all felt rather dramatic. Pacey was the man (but now that they’ve aged, maybe Dawson turned out on top?) but I actually liked one of Jen’s boyfriends (Henry), but I can’t write more in case you haven’t seen that bit. Depending where you’re up to, Pacey will frustrate you, but it is so worth hanging on till the end.

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