advertisers, you’re wasting your money

There is something ridiculous happening in my web browser.

I keep seeing ads for products I’ve already bought.

Like the ad for the Herschel Supply Co Novel Duffel in Apple that I’m seeing based on the fact I’ve looked at it on seven different sites. Visiting seven different sites means I’m interested enough to shop around for a good price. And guess what? If I’m pursuing it that hard, I’ve probably already bought it. Why not show me the matching wallet instead?

And that dress I’ve looked at on Asos 12 times? I’ve already bought that too. In fact odds are, if I’ve looked at a particular item more than once or twice, it’s already winging its way to my post box.

But you know how I’ve looked at 12 different belts in the last week, and never the same one twice? That’s an indication that I’m after a belt and I haven’t found one that suits. Show me some belts and I might just buy one.

It’s so simple, really. Analyse my online window shopping and show me related or complimentary items, and your advertising dollars will have some impact.

Because right now, you’re wasting your money with the duffel bag ad. And out of frustration (and a need to procrastinate about thesis writing) I am clicking all these ads for things I’ve already bought. I’m spending your advertising dollars, one frustrated click at a time. Muah-ha-ha!

One response on “advertisers, you’re wasting your money

  1. Jackie

    Yes, I’ve been noticing that more and more recently too. Especially when I get the ads to buy a new bike. I bought a new bike 2 months ago, I’m hardly going to upgrade already, am I? But accessories etc? Hells yeah, I’m interested.

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