18 Jul

proud sister

When I finished school, I started my undergraduate degree straight away, even though I had no idea what I wanted to study and not a single drop of career ambition. I started my degree and fluffed around trying to find something that was the right fit for me. Eventually, I fluffed around for long enough that I actually finished the degree I started.

I was very fortunate to have a lot of support from my sister when I was studying. We lived together, which meant I never had to share a house with strangers (or friends), but instead lived in a nice apartment, with nice (non-student) furniture. I got to drive her brand new car around. She supported me emotionally and financially through my degree. I quite literally could not have done it without her.

This year, my sister started her undergraduate degree. My sister, who thought she would hate study and had no confidence in her capacity to do this thing. My sister, who would be happy if she passed.

Yesterday, my sister got a letter from the dean of her school, commending her on her achievement in her first semester.

She finished her first semester with a higher GPA (and a bigger course load) than I managed in my first semester. Or in my first several semesters, actually.

So today, I get to be the proud sister. And I couldn’t possibly *be* any prouder.

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