04 Jul

logging off and packing up

Today I finished up most of the work I needed to get through pre-sabbatical. I still have one big job to do, but I’m going to leave it til early next week. So for the next four days, I’m officially on holidays. Actually, I’m officially on holidays for nearly two weeks but I do need to do this thing next week. Anyway, the point is: no work for four days!

Managing an at-home holiday when you work from home is a bit tricky. It’s like being on holidays but going into work everyday and not being allowed to turn your computer on or clear your in tray. It’s a little bit crazy-making.

You kinda need to have plans so you don’t think about work. (I sound like an addict. Actually I think I am an addicted. But I digress.) I don’t really have any plans. Ummmm….

So in a pre-emotive strike, I have packed my work laptop up and put it away, and taken my work email off my phone.

The first thing I did was have a nap.

And then I messaged my friend and fellow workaholic: Um so what do I do now?

And now I am watching TV, eating a Golden Gaytime, and blogging on my phone. I do not have a laptop on my lap and I am not working. So far, so good.

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