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your work from home wardrobe

This is the first in a series of posts on making working from home work for you.

The number one rule of working from home is you must not wear your pyjamas all day. Or at least, you must not wear the pyjamas you woke up in. I actually think it’s perfectly acceptable to wear pyjamas, but I recommend you make it part of your morning routine (more on that in a future post) to get out of the pyjamas you slept in and put on some clean ones.

Having said that, over time, I have learned that I need to wear clothes, not pyjamas, and in my experience, having a work from home wardrobe is really important. You can’t just wear whatever you happen to grab out of the wardrobe first. There are rules, dude. And here they are:

  1. Your work from home wardrobe must be purposefully curated. Your work from home wardrobe is not a retirement home for all your ‘normal’ clothes that are pilled, ripped, faded, don’t fit right, or you just don’t like. This wardrobe doesn’t need to be rock star glam, but you also have to not hate it, so starting out with clothing rejects is just a bad idea.
  2. Similarly, your work from home wardrobe must not be your exercise wardrobe. I do not have positive feelings about exercise so putting on my gym gear does not put me in a good frame of mind. I also find that gym clothes are really not as comfortable as work from home clothes should be.
  3. You must have enough outfits in your work from home wardrobe to last you a whole work week, because you are not going to do the washing during work hours (more on that in a future post too) and who the hell can be bothered doing it at night. If you work five days a week at home, you need five sets of clothes.
  4. Build your wardrobe from the skin up. You need comfortable underwear. Now correct me if I’m wrong, but I have a sneaking suspicion that most women don’t wear a bra under their PJs. Girls, you cannot extend this practice to your work from home atire. You need work from home bras. They don’t have to be the full underwire job – in fact I recommend you avoid underwire because it’s really not all that comfortable – but you do need something. A crop top. A singlet with built in support. Something. (I debated whether to share this point. I phoned a friend and she said it was totally sharable. So it’s her fault if it’s TMI.)
  5. Get yourself some super comfy pants. My preference is yoga pants because they are light enough to wear all year round. You know the type? Wide legged, stretchy, often with a rolled over top. You need a pair for every day of the week. I also like to have leggings on hand – three quarter length for hot days, full length for cold days (when I put them on under my yoga pants).
  6. You need an assortment of tshirts: short sleeves, three quarter sleeves, and long sleeves. I advise going for tshirts with stretch in them because it’s much easier to work in fabric that moves with you.
  7. You need jumpers and zip through hoodies, although I prefer the latter. Don’t get fleecy lined if you live in Queensland. Just cotton with a bit of stretch. I suggest going for a range of light and warm hoodies. You should also invest in decent jumpers, because you don’t want to be wearing something pilled, and cheap ones pill fast.
  8. Slippers are acceptable footwear. My preference is my ankle height ugg boots.
  9. Everything needs to go with everything, and your wardrobe needs to be arranged for ease of outfit selection. Make it easy to get dressed and you’re more likely to get out of your PJs and put on something fit for public viewing.

But the fundamental, underpinning principle of the work from home wardrobe is this: you’ve got to be able to leave the house in it, even if only to get milk or go to the post office (but you must change your slippers for Birkenstocks before you walk out the door). You don’t want a delivery guy turning up at your door and finding you in your dressing gown at 3pm. You also need to be able to turn on your web cam (more on this later too) and have some vague confidence that you don’t look like you just rolled out of bed.

And that there is my first gem of a post on how to make working at home work for you. Go forth and buy yoga pants.

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