26 Jun

re-spill: three things

Thing 1: on the re-spill

Let’s make sure we critique Kevin Rudd’s leadership with as much vigour as we have Julia Gillard’s.

In particular, I look forward to the media questioning him on the sexuality of his wife, critiquing him on his hair cut, and ridiculing him should he ever have a photo taken in which he is pursuing a ‘masculine’ hobby.

Thing 2: on Julia Gillard

Politics aside, she did a mighty fine job. Of being a woman. And being bollocked for it.

Thing 3: on Australian politics

Can we please talk about policy now?

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3 thoughts on “re-spill: three things

  1. Can we talk about policy now?
    Yes please.
    But clearly we can’t rely on mainstream media to take responsibility for creating a space for this.
    If the media has learned anything from this debarked, it is that they can create a storm from nothing.
    It’s up to Australians to make policy the central debate via twitter and other social media.

  2. Vigourous critique is OK. But the criteria used for critique of JG should be dropped immediately. No-one deserves that treatment – female or male.

    • You’re right. This type of critique is entirely inappropriate. My tongue was firmly in my cheek when I wrote this. My point wasn’t that I want to see this ridiculous critique continued. I was being ironic. Kevin Rudd won’t be critiqued in the same manner as Gillard. But the reason for that is not that this type of criticism is disgraceful. It’s because he’s a man.

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