16 Jun

my name is kate, and i procrastinate

Did you get that the title was meant to be rapped? No? It’s okay, I was concerned* this may happen.

I try not to work on Sundays, or at least to only do bits of work like answer email or respond to students on Facebook and Twitter. At least, that’s the plan, but the reality is I do tend to schedule tasks for Sundays more often than not.

Today I had two big things on my to do list, but I haven’t done either of them, and here’s why.

This post is essentially a reflection on my day of procrastination. [Aside: I just realised this blog post is another act of procrastination.]

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s start at the beginning.

This morning I cleaned up my office and moved stuff around. This was absolutely necessary as everything was dusty because the cleaner is too scared to dust in here (I think). The first time she came I pretty much nailed the office door shut because I was in the middle of making about a million fabric crowns for the twins’ birthday party so the floor was covered in cotton and it was only going to get worse. I think she kind of thinks this room is off limits, even though I keep telling her to feel free to clean in here. I moved my enormous printer (twice) and then put it back where it was in the beginning. I sorted a whole stack of medical claims (a year’s worth of dietician, physio and exercise physiology receipts). Frustratingly, I had already sorted these once before, but the piles had been swept into a washing basket one day when the cleaner was coming (I’m seeing a theme here…) and all that lovely organisation got lost. Then I pinned a bunch of stuff on my non-cork board. I tried to get the printer working wirelessly via my new router. I wound up iDevice connectors and headsets and clipped them with bulldog clips and tucked them away in a little plastic dish. If I wasn’t still in a fair bit of pain courtesy of a bulging disk, I would have crawled under the desks to organise what I like to call Cord World. (Hey that reminds me, I’ve been meaning to buy cable management boxes… See, it’s a slippery slope.) I rewrote all the post its on my desk in my notebook. I looked online for iPod adaptors for Bose sound docks because mine are missing and my iPod has been propped up for six months on the little plastic dish that is now the receptacle for my headset. [Update: headset no longer has a home because I couldn’t find anything else suitable to prop the iPod up with.]

That’s some intense procrastination, I know. But it doesn’t end there.

I had a nap (which I really, really needed so I don’t think it counts). It was a good nap. The longest I’ve been able to pull off for ages. Two whole blissful hours in which I could procrastinate without having to *do* anything and in which I didn’t feel guilty for procrastinating, given I was unconscious.

I also bought some fabric, which involved checking prices in a couple of places (sounds simple, but add in a layer of currency conversion and you have a time sink), figuring out postage costs, and having an internal debate about buying it from the US when I discovered it via an update from a local small business. I actually procrastinated about the act of procrastinating through buying fabric. The fabric was in my shopping cart for three hours while I thought about whether I should get it and where I should get it from.

Then I brushed my teeth again because I ate cake (twice) and drank Coke (a lot) so they felt like they were covered in sugar.

When that was done, I thought I might be ready to work, so in preparation, I archived the files from the batch of marking I finished earlier in the week. Then I organised and renamed all the files I’m supposed to be marking today and prepared the criteria sheets.

Then I thought to myself, “This is so ridiculous that I need to write a blog post about it”. So I wrote this post.

Because here’s the thing: Today I missed out on going for a walk, playing at the park and having fish and chips for lunch because I needed to work. And now it’s after 5pm and I still have a whole day’s worth of work to do. Which means I now have to miss dinner at my sister’s place in aide of getting some work done.

This is absolutely the stupidest thing. It’s Sunday. I didn’t get any work done, but neither did I get to have fun. Well, the nap was pretty good and looking at fabric is pretty fun. But I missed all the family stuff. Because I procrastinated the whole day away. Who does that? And more to the point, how is that I do not have enough insight into myself to judge my mood and decide whether it’s going to be conducive to working or not? I should have purposefully had a day off, instead of faffing around and wasting it.

I decided this was a life changing revelation (although really, I’ve had this revelation before, and still I faff). I decided I absolutely had to tell the world that it is just silly to procrastinate about work on a Sunday. It’s just a great big waste of a day you could spend with the people you love, doing things you love doing.

So I wrote this post, hit publish, and got stuck straight into my marking.

Hahahahaha gotcha!

Actually, I decided I really needed to have a shower right-now-right-this-minute, and of course, I needed to have it before I could do even one tiny little dot of work. So I stopped writing this post, had a shower, came back to my desk, and started working.

Did I get you again?

Of course I didn’t start working! I had to entirely rewrite this post. And then I changed the title. And then I thought, “Oh, I wonder if people will read it as a rap? Maybe I should record myself reading it as a rap and post the recording?”.

So now I’m looking at my schedule for the week to see where I’m going to fit the work I didn’t do today, and that in all honesty, I am highly unlikely to do tonight.

Moral of the story? Work, or don’t work. But do it with intent.

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  1. At least you can rhyme your name. According to Rhymezone, all I get is dulia, sulya and amoolya. What do those even mean!? I’d look them up, but then I’d never write my own #blogjune for today.

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